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Марокко - "Сердце Востока". Побережье Атлантического океана, Атласные горы и самая большая пустыня в мире Западная Сахара.

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KATHY ADAMS CLARK is the owner of KAC Productions. She started the company in 1995 after a career in human resources. Her photos have appeared in many places including Birder's World, Ranger Rick, The New York Times, and National Geographic Books. Kathy has been leading photo tours for many years with Strabo Tours. She speaks frequently at association meetings, and she is past-president of the North American Nature Photography Association.

Kathy enjoys traveling with people new to photography as well as with folks with advanced skills. She has an ability to explain complicated photographic terms in an easily understood language. She likes to teach those hungry for new information, but also understands that photography can be a solitary task. Each person traveling with Kathy is treated as an individual, but the group always has fun. She is skilled in all makes of digital cameras. www.kathyadamsclark.com

This new fourteen day itinerary has been designed to offer our inquisitive travelers the traditional Morocco, along with the enchanting town of Chefchaouen, located in the Rif Mountains in Northern Morocco. Chaouen, as Moroccans refer to the town, nestles in the hollow of two mountains, from which it takes its name. Steep narrow streets with white and indigo lime-washed buildings, small squares, ornate fountains, and houses with elaborately decorated doorways and red tile roofs make this a delightful town. Esteemed as a holy town, with a population of just forty thousand, it has eight mosques and several monasteries. The tour itinerary encompasses Marrakech, Fes, and also spends two evenings in the Sahara, giving participants more opportunity to capture the pink and purple heud sunsets over the dunes.

In Marrakech we will visit the famous Djemaa el-Fna Square, perhaps the greatest open-air spectacle in the world.  Traveling back in time, we'll see snake charmers, musicians, magicians, acrobats, and dancers. Fes is an ancient city, with its spectacular medina - where time seems to have stood still and photographs beckon around every corner.  You will see veiled women and laughing children, donkeys pulling carts, and vendors carrying huge mounds of bread on trays above their heads. 

Combining the history and natural beauty of this rich and fascinating country with first-person encounters, we will visit native villages, ancient medinas, and craftsmen’s workshops, sharing experiences and sipping mint tea: symbolic of the warm, sincere Moroccan generosity. Hotels are comfortable, as is the private, air-conditioned coach for land transportation. An expert local Moroccan guide will add his unique touch to this extraordinary trip, sharing his insights into and his love of this exotic land.

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